The Farm is open by appointment for egg and meat purchases. We also deliver eggs and meat locally, for a small fee.  See the contact page for information.  Chicks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc are posted for sale on this website.  We attend several of the local Poultry swaps, where we normally have eggs, laying hens, pullets, and ducks available.  We do not ship our "pets".  We will accomodate reasonable travel, when possible.

We will take requests for different breeds of chicks, but we may have to incubate them ourselves.  We do have relationships with other local farmers that raise breeds we do not.  Just ask and we will see what we can do.


Wavy Waddle Farm llc is an owner operated farm, located in Moneta Virginia.  Alicia Ade-Kuhn, owner, bought the property in 2021.  Per pure enjoyment of poultry, she decided to start Wavy Waddle Farm in 2022.  Her chickens flap their wings as if to wave at all visitors, and ducks waddle on up looking for treats...hence, Wavy Waddle Farm.  All animals on the farm, no matter their intended purpose, are raised as if they were pets.  

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